What are the MSA’s Rules Regarding Drug Use?

If you’re a fan of motor sports in South Africa, you’ve probably wondered how the drivers manage to perform so well under such harrowing conditions. Some of the quick turns the racers make seem superhuman. You may have wondered whether or not some of the drivers make use of performance-enhancing drugs. This is a topic of growing controversy within many different sports communities.

The South African Motor Sports Authority (MSA) is the body responsible for governing the races. The MSA’s job Read the rest of this entry »

MSA: A Behind the Scenes Look at Racing Events

Fans and followers of professional racing would do well to learn more about the most popular and anticipated events, not just in their region but the world over, in an effort to find greater enjoyment from the sport. Learning more about the hottest competitors, most prestigious events and the races that have drawn in fans and spectators from all over the world can provide you with the opportunity to see enjoy all that the sport has to offer. Limiting yourself to only the events that can be found closer Read the rest of this entry »

A Woman’s Prerogative: Racing Women of South Africa

Racing fans who are interested in following the events and competitions form the world over will be delighted to know that there has never been a better time to do so. Learning more about the competitors that have called South Africa home over the years, as well as any up and comers that would be worth keeping an eye on, will ensure that you are do not miss any races or upcoming events that may Read the rest of this entry »

How Safe Are Spectators at South African Racing Events?

Racing events are always a blast to watch if you’re sitting in the stands. While racing events are generally safe for spectators, those who feel nervous about the dangers of the event should not sit up close to the track.

Extreme motor sports such as rally races can be extremely dangerous for spectators who sit too close to the track. Marshals are on-hand to perform crowd control duties and should be left alone to do their jobs. Because of Read the rest of this entry »

A Who’s’ Who of South African Motor Sports

Motor sports have been extremely popular among the South African population for years. While there have been a large number of excellent racers and designers throughout the years, the following racing superstars stand out from the rest:

Rory Byrne

Rory Byrne is one of the most famous designers and engineers in racing history. Born and raised in South Africa, Rory Byrne is the chief designer for the Scuderia Ferrari Formula One Team. While designing for Ferrari, his cars Read the rest of this entry »

Must See Racing Events for 2013

Racing fans in South Africa, and all over the world, would do well to stay informed when it comes to the upcoming events, matches and racing opportunities that will provide them with a greater level of excitement. Racing is a sport that enjoys immense popularity all over the world, with many different styles for fans to enjoy, keeping current in the world of racing is not a concern that should be left overlooked. Finding the information and news that will keep you in the loop will ensure that you do not miss a second of excitement when it comes to the sport you love. Sites and services that serve to provide fans with the event news, local TV providers, developments and other information they need to keep up with the world of racing have a lot to offer. Making use of the right resources will ensure that you are more effective in your efforts to stay informed. Missing the chance to watch the most anticipated events, the most famous drivers or the races that everyone will be talking about can be very unfortunate. Keeping current with the latest racing news is a concern that no fan can really afford to leave to chance or ignore.

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